Under State House Bill, Hunters Could Collect Bounty for Coyotes

Dec 13, 2013

Hunters could be rewarded for killing and collecting coyotes under legislation that has passed the state House.  

The measure would allow the Pennsylvania Game Commission to fork over $25 for every coyote carcass brought in by licensed hunters and fur-takers.

The payouts could total as much as $700,000, all of which would come from the commission’s own coffers.

More than half of the agency’s annual revenues come from hunting license fees.

The Game Commission has not taken a position on the bill.

Sarah Speed, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania chapter of the Humane Society, says such money shouldn’t be diverted from other Game Commission programs.

She voices concerns that the coyote control program could result in reckless firing on pet dogs.

The measure passed without debate in the House. It now goes to the state Senate.