Internal Revenue Service

IRS Scrutiny of Conservative Groups In Pennsylvania

May 15, 2013

President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that his administration had sought and accepted Steven Miller's resignation as interim commissioner of the IRS. The announcement came after news that IRS employees inappropriately targeted conservative and Tea Party advocacy groups.

Jennifer Stefano, tried to start an advocacy group, The Loyal Opposition. It was one of at least three conservative groups in Pennsylvania to receive extra scrutiny from the IRS.

IRS Warns of Tax Scams

Mar 18, 2013

While most people have seen spam reading— “the IRS doesn’t want you to know about this!” or “So new, your tax professional doesn’t even know about it!”— the Internal Revenue Service is urging people not to open those emails or follow those links.

IRS spokeswoman Jennifer Jenkins said, with tax season upon us, people can easily be scammed or have their identities stolen.

Jenkins said scammers get to people by sending them emails or messages through social media pretending to be from the IRS. She said they then gain access to sensitive information to steal an identity.