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Passing the Trash
4:13 am
Tue May 7, 2013

Teacher Background Bill Passes Committee

Legislation requiring stricter background checks for school employees has passed the  Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee.

Under Senate Bill 46 applicants for teaching positions and other jobs that have direct contact with students must provide schools with information about past sexual misconduct investigations, discipline as a result of those investigations, and whether their teaching license has been suspended or revoked.

The prospective school must then contact the applicant's past employer to verify if they're being truthful.

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Essential Pittsburgh
5:00 am
Fri March 15, 2013

How Is Your School Doing?

The interactive site, How's Your School Doing? is based on PSSA data and other local school stats
Credit Shannan Muskopf / Flickr

How Is Your School Doing? is an interactive tool that allows parents and residents to see how their district is performing. Enter a child's grade and demographic subdivision — white, black, male, female, etc. — and you'll be able to see how your school compares to others in your district, how your child's demographic is being served and where your school stacks up statewide.  Developer and Pittsburgh Post Gazette Reporter, Andrew McGill talks about how the program works.

This segment originally aired on Essential Pittsburgh on October 30, 2012