Alex Hribal

Public Safety
11:08 am
Fri September 26, 2014

Franklin Regional Stabbing Suspect Can Move to Psych Hospital

A judge has approved moving a 16-year-old boy charged in a stabbing rampage at his high school to a Pittsburgh-area psychiatric hospital indefinitely.

Sixteen-year-old Alex Hribal, of Murrysville, has been held at a juvenile detention center in Westmoreland County since the April 9 attack. Prosecutors say he stabbed 20 fellow students and a security guard with kitchen knives at Franklin Regional High School.

Hribal's attorney contends the boy's mental condition is deteriorating.

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Essential Pittsburgh
4:15 pm
Thu April 17, 2014

The History of Minors Being Tried As Adults

David Harris says that there has been a shift from rehabilitating kids in juvenile courts to automatically trying them as adults.
Credit University of Pittsburgh Law School

Alex Hribal, the 16 year-old student apprehended during a stabbing rampage at his high school last week, was charged as an adult. What is the history behind this decision? How did the idea manifest itself in practical terms? We posed these questions and more to our legal expert, Pitt Law Professor David Harris.

Prior to the late 1980’s, children were only tried as adults after they went through the juvenile court system. If a judge decided that they were unable to be rehabilitated, the case was passed along to adult court.

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Public Safety
8:49 am
Wed April 16, 2014

Community Shows Support As Franklin Regional Students Return To School

Community members line a road near Franklin Regional High School Wednesday to show support as students return to classes.

One week after more than 20 people were injured in a stabbing spree at Franklin Regional High School, students returned to the classroom.

On a chilly spring morning Wednesday, students held a prayer service before school on the football field. Outside of the school, on a road in front of a nearby church, a line of community members stood holding signs with messages such as “FR Strong” and “courage.”

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