Allegheny College

Exploring McKinley's Beginnings At Allegheny College

Feb 15, 2016
Doug Butchy / flickr

President William McKinley is perhaps best known for leading America to victory in the Spanish-American War, but lesser known are his ties to the Pittsburgh area. The future leader of the free world served one term at Allegheny College, where he was known as a skilled debater, a gentleman, and a model student. Essential Pittsburgh’s Paul Guggenheimer talked with Allegheny College historian Jonathan Helmreich about the legacy McKinley left during his short time at the university.

The Forgotten Influence Of President William McKinley

Feb 15, 2016
Katie Blackley / 90.5 WESA

Not many remember much about our 25th President William McKinley. Most recall his presidency as being ‘medicore,’ but William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum education director Christopher Kenney says the late Commander-in-Chief help propel the United States onto the world stage.  We’ll take a tour of the facility in Canton, Ohio and hear about McKinley’s early life in Ohio to his assassination in Buffalo, NY.

How Do You Gather Community Consensus on Fracking?

May 29, 2013
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Allegheny College, located 90 minutes north of Pittsburgh, has been nationally recognized for its sustainable initiatives. But could the green campus get a black eye if it leases land for hydraulic fracking? Right now it's the campus is considering whether or not to open portions of the college's land to the option of shale gas drilling.