Economy & Business
5:25 pm
Wed September 17, 2014

Pittsburgh Incubator Lands $800K Federal Grant

A business incubator in Pittsburgh has landed a nearly $1 million grant to help attract new investors. 

The $800,000 federal grant was awarded to Innovation Works to support its fairly successful AlphaLab program.

AlphaLab brings early-stage businesses into its workspace on the South Side where it provides the entrepreneurs with a small cash investment, goal-specific education, key mentorship opportunities, and an entrée into the Pittsburgh high-tech community.

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Essential Pittsburgh
3:50 pm
Fri August 9, 2013

FutureDerm and the Science Behind Beauty Products

FutureDerm CEO Nicki Zevola launched her own line of beauty products with help from AlphaLab and Innovation Works
Credit AlphaLab

Nicki Zevola has been teaching the real science behind beauty products with her popular blog since 2007. When it was time to launch FutureDerm, her own line of beauty products, Zevola already had a loyal following.

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Essential Pittsburgh
4:14 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

Sole Power: Getting an Innovative Product to Market

Sole Power captures the energy in a step normally lost to the surrounding environment and converts it into electrical power.
Credit Sole Power

Like a power-packed Dr. Scholl's insert, Sole Power is a device that allows people to charge devices as they walk. It's currently in the prototype, fundraising phase, but is said to have the potential to fully charge small devices like a cell phone with 2 and a half miles of walking.

"We're hoping to serve military personnel, people stuck in emergency situations, hikers and people in developing nations who don’t have access to electricity on a regular basis."  Says Matthew Stanton, Founder of Sole Power.

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Essential Pittsburgh
7:09 pm
Tue May 28, 2013

Exploring Pittsburgh's Innovation Trends

In places like China where people experience major respiratory problems, the Hemolung can be invaluable. But who has the rights to the technology when it's in a country with different laws?
Credit ALung

What happens when Pittsburgh's biggest innovators branch out to new territory?

ALung has been making waves with the Hemolung Respiratory Assist System. They've gathered major funding to sell in Europe and now China. But big questions must be raised about intellectual property rights. How can companies protect themselves and flourish at the same time?

And right now one of the hottest trends in the startup world is hardware. Instead of building apps and Web products, companies are building physical hardware that you can buy and use, like the folks at 4Moms.

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