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One Man’ Passion For Pinball Turns Into A Business, Place For Local Enthusiasts

Apr 25, 2018
Ted S. Warren / AP

Eric Thomas has an addiction.

There's no rhyme or reason to it, he said, but he's chasing the euphoria. It can hit all of a sudden, and just about anyone can get hooked.

"That's pinball," he said. "It only takes one ball."

During the last six months, Thomas' addiction has turned into a passion — and now, a business, Retro Arcade, which is located inside Vaporosity at 138 W. State St. in downtown Sharon.

Emily Stock / 90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh comedian Annie Claffey is searching for America’s favorite adjective. She’ll be driving a green-and-blue car decked out with Mad Libs logos across the country over the next six weeks.

700 arcade and pinball games, over 2,000 retro console games and tabletop games all free to play with admission? Sounds like the Greatest Arcade in the Universe if you ask us, which is exactly what ReplayFX is promising. The arcade will be open all weekend, beginning Thursday, at the David Lawrence Convention Center. 

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For video game enthusiast Mark Bussler, simple, retro 8-bit games can be just as fun as complex modern ones.

He should know, and in fact, it's his business to know.

The 38-year-old of Oakmont has been collecting games since he was five, and today his collection reaches the thousands, all thanks to fans who send him old-school games and accessories to review on his website, Classic Game Room.