Bob Guzzardi

Guzzardi Wins Ballot Challenge; Appeal Expected

Apr 16, 2014

A Commonwealth Court judge has ruled Bob Guzzardi will remain on the Republican gubernatorial primary ballot as Gov. Tom Corbett’s only challenger.

The state GOP’s general counsel, Lawrence Tabas, who argued against Guzzardi’s nominating petitions, said he’ll “absolutely” file an appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

“I’ll be prompt,” Tabas said.

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett’s only primary opponent has faced a second day in court over a challenge to get him thrown off the ballot.

GOP-backed voters say Bob Guzzardi, a Montgomery County activist and lawyer, should not be a candidate in the May 20 primary because he failed to file a statement of financial interest on time to the State Ethics Commission.

Lawyer Lawrence Tabas quotes the state Ethics Act in calling the oversight a “fatal defect.”