Carnegie Mellon

3:30 am
Mon May 12, 2014

CMU Creates Map To Track Wealth

Anyone can travel through 100 years of income history of 29 countries thanks to a new website created at Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab.

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3:30 am
Mon May 5, 2014

CMU Method Could Help People Take Medication On Time

Ever ask a family member, “Did you take your medicine today?”

There might be a more effective way to prompt people to take their meds on time, a recent Carnegie Mellon University study found.

The 10-month study, conducted in the homes of older adults with chronic health problems, revealed that giving people feedback after they take medication, rather than reminding them on time, has its benefits.

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Essential Pittsburgh
1:00 pm
Fri April 18, 2014

A Holistic Approach to Global Health and Development

Students working with residents during the medical portion of the brigade
Credit Nicole W. Huang / Global Brigade

Many students flock to the warmer climes of Florida for a week of partying on spring break.

In contrast, many other students use their vacation to help others around the world. Two of those students are Carnegie Mellon sophomore Nicole Huang, and senior Nick Zuniga who volunteer with Global Brigades a global health and development movement.

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Robotics Expansion
2:18 pm
Wed August 28, 2013

Lawrenceville Robotics Company Expands

Carnegie Robotics, a spin-off of Carnegie Mellon’s National Robotics Center, is expanding its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Lawrenceville.

Currently housed in CMU incubator facilities, the company plans to move into the 31,000 square-foot former Heppenstall building between 43rd and 48th streets.

President and CEO John Bares said the company outgrew its current space.

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Essential Pittsburgh
4:01 pm
Thu August 8, 2013

Computational Linguistics: Code Cracking in Our Every Day Lives

We use computational linguistics in devices like iphones and ipads. To machines, language is just a sequence of codes.
Credit Mateus / Flickr

For 18 year old Presidential Scholar Richard “Tom” McCoy, becoming immersed in computational linguistics began at an early age. Beginning with code cracking and summer camps about cryptology, McCoy developed a fascination with the way that foreign language “is kind of like a code or cypher,” he says.

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