Carnegie Mellon University

Higher Education
12:26 pm
Mon August 25, 2014

'Vibrant' City Attracts More University Students

As a new academic year begins today for many universities, a lot of students are attending their first ever college classes.

Various Pittsburgh universities reported either an increase in the number of freshmen this year or the number of applications they received - a continuation of a trend that began years ago.

Marc Harding, chief enrollment officer, said the University of Pittsburgh has about 3,900 freshmen starting this fall - about the same as last year - but that’s not because the same amount of people applied.

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Science & Technology
6:00 am
Mon June 9, 2014

CMU Spin-Off Technology Allows Research of Hippo-Infested Waters

Hippos in Kenya's Mara River give chase to a Platypus robotic boat that is disguised as a crocodile. The boat was able to out-swim the hippos.
Credit Platypus LLC /

Technology from Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute spin-off Platypus LLC has gone where no man has gone before. Small, autonomous airboats were sent to Kenya to monitor water quality in hippo pools on the hippo-heavy Mara River. Researchers want to know how the animals are affecting water quality, but they couldn’t get into the pools to collect samples.

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Carnegie Mellon
4:07 pm
Fri February 28, 2014

CMU Receives $10 Million Gift For Business School Overhaul

The planned $201 million facility that will house Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business has received a major investment from a world-renowned venture capitalist.

James Swartz, an alumnus of the business school, and his wife, Susan, gifted $10 million to the university to help fund the David A. Tepper Quadrangle.  The Quadrangle, a 4.5-acre expansion of the university’s north campus, will include a 295,000 square-foot facility on Forbes Avenue that will be home to the business school, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and The Simon Initiative.

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Science & Technology
12:22 pm
Mon June 24, 2013

Highmark and CMU Look to 'Disrupt' Healthcare Industry

Highmark Inc. and its recently formed healthcare arm Allegheny Health Network are hoping Carnegie Mellon University will be able to dive into the systems’ terabytes of patient care and payment data to find industry changing breakthroughs. 

CMU’s Allen Russell will head the Disruptive Healthcare Technology Institute. He believes the healthcare industry, as a whole, has been resistant to what he calls “disruptive change,” like what the mobile phone did for communications or the personal computer did for mainframe computing.

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Science & Technology
3:30 am
Mon June 17, 2013

Real Life 'Marauder’s Map' May Help Improve Patient Care in Nursing Homes

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a way to track the locations of individuals in complex, indoor settings such as nursing homes.

Developers liken it to the Marauder’s Map featured in the Harry Potter books and movies, which allows Harry Potter to see anyone’s location at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But instead of magic, this system uses a network of cameras and algorithms to track movement. Researchers said this could be important in keeping track of residents of nursing homes.

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Essential Pittsburgh
1:41 pm
Thu June 6, 2013

Prosopagnosia: When The Face Just Isn't Familiar

What if you couldn't regnize the faces of people closest to you?
Credit Bernard Farrell / Flickr

At one time or another you’ll see someone and say, “the face is familiar but I can’t remember the name.” For people with prosopagnosia, known as “face blindness,” the face isn’t familiar. Actor Brad Pitt, in a recent interview with Esquire magazine reported having the condition.  Dr. Marlene Behrmann of Carnegie-Mellon University is one of the leading researchers on this condition

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CMU Energy Research
3:56 pm
Thu April 4, 2013

$30 Million CMU Grant to Allow for Expanded Energy Research

Carnegie Mellon University has received its largest private foundation grant in the school’s history.

A $30 million grant provided by the Richard King Mellon Foundation will go toward a new institute to coordinate the university’s energy activities.

CMU President Jared Cohon said all seven colleges of the university are working on the topic of energy in some form. He said the grant will allow more collaboration between those colleges and their work.

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