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3:30 am
Fri October 31, 2014

Duane Michaels Exhibit Covers Six Decades of Work from McKeesport-Raised Photographer

Duane Michals
Deanna Garcia 90.5 WESA

Photographer Duane Michals grew up in McKeesport, but it was a trip to Russia that prompted his foray into photography.

"So going to Russia, I figured I should take pictures, so I borrowed a camera," said Michals. "Though I did take a course in photography, I didn't even own a camera. And I didn't take a light meter because I thought if I owned a light meter that meant I was officially a photographer, and that would have been intimidating ... if I had never gone to Russia, I never would have been a photographer, it literally changed my life."

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Essential Pittsburgh
6:53 pm
Thu July 31, 2014

Faked, Forgotten, Found: An Altered Renaissance Painting Revealed Through Forensics

Portrait of Isabella de’ Medici showing the 19th-century overpainting, before restoration
Carnegie Museum of Art

The Carnegie Museum of Art's current exhibition of Renaissance paintings that underwent serious forensic investigation is called Faked, Forgotten, Found.

Lulu Lippincott, the institution's Curator of Fine Arts looks at the science of art preservation and restoration, as well as the winding paths that these works have followed to Pittsburgh.

Lippincott says the museum was skeptical when they “rediscovered” a painting of Isabella de Medici while Lippincott was cleaning up the museum’s collection of art. So skeptical, in fact, they took it to be X-rayed.

What they found was outstanding. She says the X-ray revealed that the painting had been “painted over” in the Victorian era. People in that era had the wrong idea of Isabella de Medici for years.

As seen in the X-rays, Lippincott says it’s almost as though the painting was airbrushed to make de Medici look better.

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Arts & Culture
4:21 pm
Thu July 31, 2014

The Biennial Returns to the Pittsburgh Glass Center

The Pittsburgh Biennial has begun at the Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) with a local artist showcasing his two-and three-dimensional works, and the Pittsburgh Glass Center is about to join in on the Biennial with a wide array of glass ideas.

The Pittsburgh Biennial is held roughly every other year, 2011 was the last one, and gives local Pittsburgh artists a chance to be featured by the galleries around the city.

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Essential Pittsburgh
3:57 pm
Wed July 9, 2014

Carnegie Museum of Art Tells The Story of Pittsburgh With Your Photos

A photo submitted by Leeanne Schwartz with the caption "My grandson Logan Kovacs' first ride on the (Duquesne) Incline."
Credit Leeanne Schwartz / Hillman Photography Initiative CMOA

Pictures are said to be a way to capture moments forever and if one has enough pictures they can create a story. This thought is shared by the Hillman Photography Initiative at Carnegie Museum of Art.

They're seeking photos from Pittsburgh residents to tell the city’s story, a people's history of Pittsburgh.

Program Manager Divya Rao Heffley said the project is the first of its kind and the artists who thought of it, Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar are asking people to share stories and photographs.

Arts & Culture
2:13 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Freed From Floppy Disks, New Warhol Art Is Discovered

Andy Warhol's early computer rendition of his iconic soup can.
Credit The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

A cache of works by Andy Warhol has been unlocked from its digital jail and is about to seen by a wider audience for the first time. 

A multi-national team of computer scientists, art experts and museum employees “unlocked” the images from floppy disks created by technology that was cutting edge in 1980s but has long since gone defunct. 

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Free Museum
5:35 am
Wed March 5, 2014

Free Admission at Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History

Looking for something fun to do on a Thursday night? The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History will be offering free admission on all Thursday evenings throughout March.

From 4-8pm everyone is admitted and parking is only five dollars after 5pm. “A lot of people might not be aware we are open on Thursday nights every week until 8, so if you’re having trouble finding time to come to the museum, you can always go on a Thursday night after work,” said Jonathan Gaugler, Media Relations manager for Carnegie Museum of Art.

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Arts & Culture
10:01 am
Tue December 17, 2013

That Weird Fridge in Your Garage May Be Destined for Carnegie Museum of Art

1960 Westinghouse Center Drawer Refrigerator Print Ad
Credit Amazon

Last week the Carnegie Museum of Art posted a tweet with an old advertisement for a 1960 Westinghouse Center Drawer Refrigerator asking,

“Have you seen one of these in your garage or in your neighbor’s basement?”

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3:30 am
Sun December 1, 2013

After a Busy Shopping Weekend, Tuesday Becomes a Day to Give

Black Friday and Buy Local Saturday have come and gone, and Cyber Monday is just around the corner, but nonprofits across the region are hoping Pittsburghers will still have a little something in their checking accounts come Tuesday.

More than 7,800 organizations across the world are encouraging people to donate to charities and nonprofits to mark what has become known as Giving Tuesday.

The United Nations Foundation and 92d Street Y launched the initiative last year, and it trended globally on Twitter as #GivingTuesday.

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Essential Pittsburgh
7:52 pm
Mon September 23, 2013

2013 Carnegie International Explores a Sense of Place & Play

Exploring the not so serious side of the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Carnegie International
Credit Carnegie International

Founded in 1896, the Carnegie International is one of the world’s longest-running exhibitions of contemporary art. The International has become Pittsburgh’s premiere event for groundbreaking modern art. The 2013 Carnegie International marks the first time three curators have been chosen.

Daniel Baumann, Dan Byers, and Tina Kukielski were tasked with finding art which portrays a sense of place. One of the first things they all discussed was how an exhibition of international ambition, can have its roots in Pittsburgh, in a meaningful way.

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Arts & Culture
2:48 pm
Mon September 23, 2013

Voting Underway to Save PA's 'Endangered Artifacts'

A statewide campaign top save Pennsylvania’s “Top 10 Endangered Artifacts” has begun.

Through Nov. 1, people can go online, vote, and if they want, give money to museums to help preserve their works.

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Arts & Culture
3:30 am
Mon June 3, 2013

2-Minute Film Fest Returns to the Carnegie Museum of Art

The 2-Minute Film Festival returns to the Carnegie Museum of Art this summer with a child-like image.

This year’s theme, “At Play,” encourages applicants to test boundaries, take risks and bring out their childhood creativity.

The 2-Minute Film Festival showcases more than 30 of the best two-minute movies submitted by people from around the country. Judges are looking for the briefest films that best capture the idea of play. Each movie shown at the festival is eligible for the People’s Choice and Juror’s Choice awards.

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Essential Pittsburgh
8:48 pm
Thu May 9, 2013

A Rare Painting Highlights the Value of Art in Public Schools

The painting, Interieur, Lumiere De La Fenetre was hanging in a Pittsburgh Public School building for years, unpreserved.
Credit Sotheby's

For the Pittsburgh public school district, the value of art can not be over stated. Earlier this week a rare painting called "Interior, Light from the Window" by Henri Le Sidaner, donated to the district by a group called Friends of Art, was sold in auction for more than $750,000. The money will benefit the financially strapped Pittsburgh Public Schools.

For nearly a century, Friends of Art has donated more than 300 works of art to the district. Most were created by local artists and like the Sidaner painting, many are displayed in school offices and other buildings throughout the district.

Guest Louise Lippincott, head of the department of fine arts at the Carnegie Museum of Art, has followed the history of the Sidaner painting

Carnegie International 2013
9:19 am
Tue April 9, 2013

Carnegie International Artists List Unveiled Online Via Photos, Social Media

HQ10-SL5940S Stars at glance. Sarah Lucas, Stars at a glance, 2007. Concrete shoes, bra, footballs, and cigarettes
Credit Copyright Sarah Lucas; courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London

More than 100 years ago, Andrew Carnegie launched an art museum by charging the curator of the first Carnegie International to find the “old masters of tomorrow.” 

Last week the three curators of the 2013 Carnegie International released the names of 35 artists and groups of artists from 19 countries they think live up to that challenge.

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Carnegie Museum of Art
3:45 pm
Mon February 25, 2013

Artist-Designed Play Sculpture Ready In Late April Outside Carnegie Museum

The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh breaks ground for a new piece of art that is also a playground.
Credit Carnegie Museum Art / Twitter

A "Lozziwurm" play sculpture among the trees will be ready near the Carnegie Museum of Art's main entrance in Oakland.  The "Lozziwurm" is a colorful, twisting, tubular play structure designed by Swiss artist Yvan Pestalozzi in 1972. This is the first US installation of a "Lozziwurm" and it will be open to the public.

The "Lozziwurm" is one of several projects leading up to the 2013 Carnegie International, which opens October 5. It reflects the International’s explicit engagement with the city of Pittsburgh, the museum’s patrons, and conceptions of play.

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