City Spree

Courtesy of City of Play

For runners, exploring the city is usually the byproduct of a footrace, not its purpose.

Then there's City Spree.

The City Spree 2014 - 5K No Course / Facebook

The second annual City Spree takes place this Sunday. Markers are set all over the city so that participants may run in whatever direction they choose for as long as they want. The race is sponsored by Growth, Technology, Energy and Community Health (GTECH).

Adam Nelson, Director City of Play and Sarah Innamorato, communications specialist for GTECH were the event organizers this year.

Nelson described City Spree as a race that starts with all of the participants in the middle of the race course.

City Spree: Adults Running Amuck in the Steel City

May 15, 2013
Amanda Westmont / Flickr


The City Spree is a citywide race with no course and no boundaries. Find your own path, explore, and check in, the further you are from the starting point the better. The unique event encourages Pittsburghers to race beyond their comfort zone and explore new neighborhoods. Remember the carefree days of youth and playing outdoors with kids in your neighborhood? Now you have an excuse to run amuck again.