Construction Junction

CJ's Turns 15
3:45 am
Mon November 10, 2014

Constuction Junction Turns 15

Pittsburgh has battled the notion that the city is a dirty dusty polluted old steel mill town since the 1950’s, and finally it seems that the world is catching up with Pittsburgh’s environmental friendly initiatives. As a fighter in the battle to make Pittsburgh greener, Construction Junction in Point Breeze will turn 15 on November 12th, marking the changes that Pittsburgh has been making to respect the environment.

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Essential Pittsburgh
7:50 pm
Fri June 28, 2013

Pittsburgh Home Renovation: A Labor of Love

CJ is well organized with departments for everything from toilets to door knobs
Haldan Kirsch 90.5 WESA

Earlier this month we took listeners on a tour of historic houses in the Observatory Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, where residents have restored their homes to early 20th century splendor, with some modern conveniences. While the do-it-yourself home makeover isn’t as quick and easy as those on HGTV, what they have in common is the unexpected drama of renovation. In looking at the home restoration and renovation process there are some horror stories, but also some unique Pittsburgh resources.

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