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There’s a continual emphasis on the importance of obtaining a college education. However, as the costs associated with higher education continue to increase, is a college degree diminishing in importance among college students and their parents?  Marty McGough Vice President for Market Insights, of Campos Research Strategy gives his take on that theory.

Students and would-be students are increasingly weighing the costs of college against the benefits, McGough says:

“I think that the pressures placed on [college students] -- the cost of college tuition, what’s expected of them, a job market that’s pretty bleak, and that they’re going to be saddled with the student loan debt -- makes their emphasis right off the bat in freshman year thinking, ‘When I graduate, what kind of job am I going to get? Will I be able to pay back my student loans?’ And they make a calculation in their mind whether university is really worth it from a financial perspective. And I think that maybe ten or twenty years ago that was less likely.”

Also in the program, Post-Gazette politics editor James O’Toole talks about the local political endorsement process, Rep. Dan Miller describes the Children and Youth Disability and Mental Health Summit, Margaret J. Krauss looks back on the history of Pittsburgh’s “h.”

Dems Hold on to PA House Seat in South Hills

May 22, 2013

Democrat Dan Miller will be the new state legislator in the 42nd House district that has been without representation for more than five months.

Miller, a special education attorney, defeated two other contenders in a special election Tuesday. He will succeed Democrat Matt Smith who held that House seat for six years.