Hal B. Klein

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The latest issue of Pittsburgh Magazine looks at the best restaurants in town. But what does the making the list mean for diners, the restaurants and how what does it say about the city? We’ll pose those questions to food writer Hal B. Klein.

Preserving the Harvest with Shrubs

Sep 6, 2013
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With the growing season coming to a close and a surplus of fruits ready for harvest, there are some interesting ways to consume and preserve your rapidly ripening produce. Food and drink writer, Hal B. Klein suggests using shrubs to put overripe fruits to good use.

Shrubs are tangy drinks that let you preserve ripe fruits and vegetables with sweetened vinegar. The concept started in ancient Arabic culture as a way of preserving food before the advent of refrigeration. They were also popular in colonial American times.

Summer Brews and Beer Cocktails from Hal B. Klein

Jul 3, 2013
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Full of ideas for refreshing summer drinks, Hal B. Klein suggests some of his favorite brews and beer cocktails including a number of drinks foreign to most Pittsburghers.  What makes for a good brew this season? For beer lovers, Klein recommends lagers such as the Brooklyn Lager or lagers brewed nearby at Penn Brewery.  Lagers are unique because they are fermented at a lower temperature, are lighter in alcohol and tend to be more crisp and refreshing.  But wheat beers, such as those found at East End Brewery, also provide a fun summer flavor, especially when adding a slice of orange or other fruit.