Joe Muto

Essential Pittsburgh
6:00 pm
Tue June 11, 2013

Fox News "Mole" Emerges with Book

Joe Muto is the Fox News "mole" that leaked videos to Gawker.
Credit Alexis Lamster

After graduating from Notre Dame, Joe Muto moved to New York in search of a media position.  He ended up with the Fox News Company, eventually becoming a producer for the top-rated show,The O’Reilly Factor.  After eight years he decided he wanted to search for another position.  He was, after all, a liberal at heart and he noted that since the Obama administration, Fox News was becoming progressively more conservative and far less “fair and balanced.”  Muto approached Gawker as a possible employer after leaving Fox, but was instead encouraged to begin writing for Gawker while still an employee at Fox.  He was to be the liberal inside the right-wing media group.  

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