Magee Women's Hospital

Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC launched the MyMageePregnancy app about three weeks ago, which is available on the hospital's Facebook page.  

Spokeswoman Courtney McCrimmon said the app has already received more than 2000 views. Although some of the information applies specifically to Magee patients, the website has general information and is accessible to anyone.

McCrimmon said Magee created the app because some information on the web is not reliable.  

Patients rushing into Magee-Womens Hospital will be passing through the doors of a bigger and better emergency department starting Sunday.

According to Joe Suyama, Chief of Emergency Services, the new department will be located on Craft Avenue and will replace the existing emergency department on the other side of the building off Halket Street.

Suyama said the move will help them better serve an increasing volume of patients which has almost doubled since 2007.

“We’re just now meeting that growth need by building this emergency department,” Suyama said.

Early detection of breast cancer is one of the most important factors when calculating survival rates, but a Magee Hospital surgeon thinks he has found a way to help women who’s cancer is not detected until it has already spread to their bones.

Patients who first present with stage four breast cancer with bone metastasis have a short life expectancy, but a study of 278 women in Turkey suggests that by sending the patient directly to the operating room might be able to help hundreds of American women each year survive.