Essential Pittsburgh
5:09 pm
Mon April 14, 2014

Think Before You Post: Mainstream Media's Increasing Reliance on Social Media

What should people be thinking before they post photos or updates to their social media accounts?
Credit Pat Williams / Flickr


As national media reports about the attacks at Franklin Regional High School began to unfold last week, a story of one of the injured victims taking a selfie from the hospital quickly went viral and prompted a range of reactions. Was the student showing off or simply communicating to his circle of friends?

Gordon Mitchell and Brent Malin, University of Pittsburgh associate professors of communication talked with us about the importance of media literacy and the evolving relevance of social media in our lives and in mainstream news.

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Essential Pittsburgh
12:13 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

What Does Dan Rather Think Of Journalism Today? Three Takeaways

Broadcast Journalist, Dan Rather, worked for CBS for 44 years, 24 of those years as the anchor for CBS Evening News.
Credit US Air Force / Wikipedia

Legendary broadcast journalist Dan Rather worked for CBS News for 44 years and anchored the CBS Evening News for 24 of those years.

He is now the managing editor and anchor of the cable television news magazine Dan Rather Reports. In 2012, he released a best-selling book on his life and the state of journalism today, Rather Outspoken.

Rather was particularly outspoken about the 3 ways he's seen standards drop in the craft of journalism:

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Essential Pittsburgh
7:01 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

A Conversation with NPR President Gary Knell

NPR President and CEO Gary Knell
Credit Sesame Workshop

Gary Knell is the President and CEO of NPR which remains unique among news organizations. While a number of large media outfits have shuttered their foreign bureaus NPR has reporters throughout the world. However, public radio is also at a crossroads as some of its long time shows like Talk of the Nation comes to an end and Car Talk no longer produces new shows.

What will the future of NPR look like and can it stay relevant in the changing media landscape? Also, how is NPR cultivating new talent to reflect and appeal to a new generation of public radio listeners? Mr. Knell is in Pittsburgh to speak at the Americans for the Arts convention.