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Essential Pittsburgh
2:11 pm
Fri October 25, 2013

Pittsburgh's Homestyle Cuisine are Coming into Season

Pittsburgh home-style favorites like Pierogis are starting to draw more attention as the weather gets colder.
Credit Liz Gosselin / Flickr

All over the country there has been a resurgence in down-home, comfort foods, especially heading into the winter months. In Pittsburgh home-style meals have never gone out of style and these days regional cuisines are being translated by and for Pittsburgh diners.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette restaurant critic Melissa McCart notes that Pittsburgh takes great pride in their home-style meals and picked up on another restaurant trend, single concept restaurants.

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Essential Pittsburgh
3:29 pm
Fri August 23, 2013

A Wide Variety of Authentic Mexican Restaurants for Pittsburghers

Nic DiCio at Casa Reyna in the Strip District, built a mini tortilla factory in the back of his Mexican restaurant, because he says authentic tortillas should be made fresh each day.
Credit Heather McClain / 90.5 WESA

Even though the Steel City is hundreds of miles away from the southern border, Pittsburgh has recently seen a rise in restaurants offering authentic Mexican cuisine. The new establishments are finding Pittsburghers to be eager customers.

One such customer is food critic Melissa McCart. A fan of Mexican food, McCart says these authentic restaurants have brought an increased variety of regional flavors.  McCart points to how Pittsburgh has begun to approach a Tex-Mex favorite: the taco.

“Six years ago you might not have seen a tongue taco or a chorizo taco, but now you can find them at four or five different places,” says McCart.

Although the number of restaurants has been rising, McCart says the important trend is the variety of styles and approaches within the cuisine.

Essential Pittsburgh
3:50 pm
Thu July 25, 2013

Chefs Go Wild Over Local Wild Mushroom

Chanterelle mushrooms are quickly becoming a popular -- and pricey -- local delicacy.
Credit Flickr

Chanterelle mushrooms are not your average fungus. The orange-hued mushrooms are a local delicacy found through foraging, and nationally acclaimed chefs like Top Chef Bryan Voltaggio are willing to pay top dollar for them.

With prices ranging from $18 to $22 a pound, they’ve become a cash crop for foragers like Wild Purveyors.

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