Pittsburgh Airport

Courtesy of the Allegheny County Airport Authority

A plan was unveiled Tuesday by the Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) to modernize the 25-year-old Pittsburgh International Airport. 

Carolyn Kaster / AP Photo

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is typically the busiest travel day for the holiday, though Pennsylvania Turnpike officials said Tuesday was projected to be the busiest day for holiday travel on the roadway.

Nearly 3.5 million drivers are expected to use the Turnpike through Sunday.

Managing Wildlife at the Pittsburgh International Airport

Jan 15, 2015
Pit Airport / Flickr


Earlier this week, the WESA newsroom reported on the capture of a short-eared owl near the runway of the Pittsburgh International Airport. The medium sized owl is considered threatened in the state of Pennsylvania.

So special care needed to be taken to retrieve, tag, and relocate the bird. We talked with Bob Mulvihill, an ornithologist with the National Aviary and Bobby Hromack, a wildlife specialist for the airport and biologist with the USDA, on the issue.

Mulvihill discusses why the owl is considered threatened by Pennsylvania but not federally: