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Essential Pittsburgh
6:08 pm
Mon February 10, 2014

How Michael Sam Became Bigger than the Olympics

Defensive end, Michael Sam, carries his souvenir (a rock from the rock 'M' at Memorial Stadium) after his final home game at the University of Missouri.
Credit Marcus Qwertyus / Wikipedia Commons

This weekend was a very exciting weekend in the sports world, with the opening of the Olympics. But, something off the field and closer to home was the story that stole all the headlines.

Michael Sam, a graduating defensive end from the University of Missouri publicly announced Sunday that he is gay.

Sam was the Co-SEC Defensive Player of the Year this past season and played a key part to a surprisingly successful Missouri football team. With this announcement two weeks before the 2014 NFL Draft, Sam is on the fringe of making history by becoming the first openly gay NFL player.

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Essential Pittsburgh
2:56 pm
Mon December 2, 2013

Rounding Out High School & College Football Season with Bob Dvorchak

Bob Dvorchak talks about why so many universities now go to bowl games.
Credit Pallyboy33 / Flickr

December marks the convergence of three major events in the sports world, the start of bowl games for College Football, PA State playoffs for High School football championships, and the deer-hunting season.

Bob Dvorchak , Pittsburgh Post Gazette Sportswriter emeritus and host of the blog, Sports ‘n ‘at, shows his viewpoint on the bowls and says the motivation for having so many of them is simple.

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Essential Pittsburgh
4:50 pm
Mon November 18, 2013

Banning Contact Sports for Young Players

Bob Dvorchak is sports writer emeritus for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Credit Bob Dvorchak / Sports n'at

Robert Morris University recently reported that nearly half of all Americans say they would favor a ban on contact football for kids that have not yet entered middle school.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sports writer emeritus, Bob Dvorchak said on Essential Pittsburgh, “I think it speaks to the heightened awareness of head injuries on all levels of sports and especially youth sports.”

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Essential Pittsburgh
2:11 pm
Mon October 7, 2013

Is Pittsburgh a Baseball Town Again?

With all of the postseason excitement for the Pirates, is Pittsburgh finally a baseball town again?
Credit Flickr user RJ Schmidt

From the days of the first World Series game, played here in 1903, Pittsburgh was considered a baseball town. That is, until the Steel Curtain and the Super Steelers seemed to take over in the 1970s.

But Bob Dvorchak, sportswriter emeritus for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and creator of the website Sports ‘n ‘at, has a different view of Pittsburgh. “Pittsburgh is an event town.”

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Essential Pittsburgh
6:30 pm
Mon September 23, 2013

Former NFL Players Not Receiving Their Due for Appearances in NFL Films

Bob Dvorchak, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sports Writer Emeritus
Credit Bob Dvorchak / Sports n'at

When a blockbuster films appears on television, the actors receive royalties for their appearances, the same goes for TV show reruns.

One would think the same goes for former football players who appear in NFL films. Video clips of the “Immaculate Reception,” have run countless times on television, yet Franco Harris and John Fuqua have never seen payment for the replays.

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Essential Pittsburgh
3:48 pm
Mon September 9, 2013

Sports N'at with Bob Dvorchack

Credit Ben Beard / Flickr

Sports contributor, Bob Dvorchak jokes that Pittsburgh Pirate fans seem to have no idea how to live in a world where the Bucs are a winning ball club.  For the first time in 20 years the Pirates do not have a losing record.  

Dvorchak also comments on the NFL's $756 million settlement with former players who suffered head trauma on the field.  

While the money an immediate help to the former players, Dvorchak says, “It [the settlement] doesn’t make everyone whole. It's a payment to get it off the books.” 

Essential Pittsburgh
5:45 pm
Mon August 26, 2013

College Sports with Bob Dvorchak

Bob Dvorchak blogs at Sports 'n 'at
Credit Bob Dvorchak

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sportswriter emeritus Bob Dvorchak talks about the University of Pittsburgh opening a new chapter in Panthers athletic history, inaugurating the school's entry into the Atlantic Coast Conference by taking on Florida State on Labor Day night at Heinz Field.

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Essential Pittsburgh
4:48 pm
Sun April 14, 2013

What About Bob? Sports Talk with Bob Dvorchak

Bob Dvorchak also blogs for Sports 'n 'at
Credit Bob Dvorchak / Sports n'at

  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sportswriter emeritus Bob Dvorchak gives us a recap of the Frozen Four weekend in Pittsburgh and talks about Pitt's new women's basketball coach Suzie McConnell-Serio.   

Essential Pittsburgh
10:06 am
Mon April 8, 2013

What about Bob? Sports Talk with Bob Dvorchak

Bob Dvorchak is our weekly sports contributor.
Credit Bob Dvorchak / Sports n'at

  Our sports guy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sportswriter Emeritus Bob Dvorchak joins us to talk about the dismissals and controversy surrounding Rutgers men's basketball, the recent defections of prominent Pitt athletes, and a couple of national championships coming to Pittsburgh.

Essential Pittsburgh
9:00 pm
Fri March 22, 2013

What About Bob?

Bob Dvorchak writes for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the blog Sports N'at
Credit Bob Dvorchak / Sports n'at

  Our sports guy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sportswriter Emeritus Bob Dvorchak joins us to preview Cinderella Robert Morris University's second round game in the NIT, discuss Pitt's early exit from the NCAA tourney and the Penguins' winning streak.

Essential Pittsburgh
3:58 pm
Sat March 16, 2013

What About Bob? Sports Talk With Bob Dvorchak

Sports writer Bob Dvorchak joins us each week for a little Monday morning quarterbacking
Credit Bob Dvorchak / Sports n'at

  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sportswriter Emeritus Bob Dvorchak joins us for his regular Monday segment. This week he'll preview Pitt's appearance in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, discuss NHL realignment and how free agency is draining the Steelers' star players.  

Essential Pittsburgh
1:42 pm
Mon March 11, 2013

What About Bob? Sports Talk with Bob Dvorchak

Each Monday our sports contributor Bob Dvorchak weighs in on Pittsburgh sports news highlights.


   The Penguins are at the halfway mark of their lockout abbreviated season, Pitt basketball is going into the last Big East tournament and will James Harrison remain a Steeler? Our sports guy Bob Dvorchak weighs in.