Thomas Merton Center

Environment & Energy
5:30 pm
Tue October 14, 2014

Climate Activists March from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh

Climate marchers rallied outside Allegheny Unitarian Church on the North Side after spending the last seven months walking from Los Angeles. Their final destination is Washington, D.C.
Credit Liz Reid / 90.5 WESA

A group of 50 climate activists made their way into Pittsburgh from Los Angeles Tuesday — on foot.

The Great March for Climate Action” is the brainchild of former Iowa State Representative Ed Fallon.

He said the idea came to him last February, after a discussion with environmental activist Bill McKibben about how best to address the what he calls the “climate crisis.”

“It’s not an issue; it’s a crisis,” Fallon said.

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Arts & Culture
2:44 pm
Fri March 7, 2014

Sexual Assault in Military to be Explored at Bricolage Performance

A performance at Bricolage in downtown Pittsburgh this Saturday will shed light on sexual assault in the military.

Fifth Wall: Sexual Assault in the Military, presented by the Bricolage Production Company and advocacy group Stop Sexual Assault in the Military, explores the problem through different artistic genres.

The program will include clips from the documentary The Invisible War, scenes from Pittsburgh playwright Tammy Ryan’s Soldier’s Heart and a panel discussion with the audience.

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Environment & Energy
1:48 pm
Tue November 5, 2013

Activists Call on City of Pittsburgh to Divest from Fossil Fuel Industry

Climate change activist Bill McKibben has been spending considerable time in Pittsburgh recently, first for the Power Shift 2013 conference in October, and on Monday to receive an award from the Thomas Merton Center.

The Thomas Merton Center bills itself as “Pittsburgh’s peace and social justice center,” and along with McKibben, they are launching a campaign to pressure the City of Pittsburgh and other regional institutions to divest from the fossil fuel industry.

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3:12 pm
Thu September 19, 2013

Pittsburghers to Partake in Day of Peace Campaign

Residents from Pittsburgh will gather in Market Square downtown Saturday, joining counterparts in 200 other U.S. cities and 64 countries in marking the United Nation's Day of Peace .  

The grassroots international organization Global March for Peace and Unity is coordinating the campaign to spread the word the word on world peace.

“If we could possibly have one day without violence, perhaps that would give hope for two days or three days or hopefully, at some point, have a world without violence,”  said Pittsburgh North People for Peace Chairperson Mary Sheehan.

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Arts & Culture
4:14 pm
Thu March 7, 2013

Thomas Merton Center to Hold Forum on Abuse of Women in the Military

Lieutenant Elle Helmer in front of the Vietnam War Memorial, from "The Invisible War"
Credit Cinedigm / Documrama Films

On Friday, March 8, in observance of International Women’s Day, the Thomas Merton Center will screen The Invisible War, a documentary about abuse of women in the American military.

The Academy Award-nominated film addresses sexual assault against women in the armed forces. According to the military’s official statistics, 20 percent of women have experienced sexual assault. An estimated 80 percent of those cases go unreported.

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