Tom Corbett

Election 2014
1:45 pm
Thu September 25, 2014

Wolf Passes Corbett in Fundraising

Democrat Tom Wolf has moved on from his self-financed primary campaign days according to the most recent campaign finance report.  The numbers from “cycle 4” has Wolf actually out raising his opponent, Republican Tom Corbett, by landing plenty of outside money from wealthy donors and PACs.

Wolf raised an impressive $9.6 million during cycle 4 – stretching from June 10th to September 15th – while carrying over $3.1 million from last cycle.  Wolf spent $6.3 million of that money leaving him $6.5 million on hand two months before the general election.

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Government & Politics
5:33 pm
Wed September 24, 2014

Corbett Signs Philadelphia Schools Cigarette Tax Bill

Gov. Tom Corbett has signed a long-awaited measure to let Philadelphia levy a tax on $2-per-pack tax on cigarettes to raise money for its schools.

Supporters heralded the bipartisan effort required to pass the tax authorization. The tax, along with a city sales tax increase and borrowing, will help the Philadelphia school district bridge an $81 million deficit.

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Election 2014
8:05 am
Tue September 23, 2014

Corbett Shows Spunk In Debate, But Perhaps Too Late

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, left, and Democrat Tom Wolf shake hands at the end of a gubernatorial debate hosted by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry on Monday in Hershey, Pa.
Credit Matt Rourke / The Associated Press

The stakes were high for Republican Gov. Tom Corbett going into his first debate with Tom Wolf, his Democratic challenger.

An averaging of recent polls shows the governor trailing by double digits.

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Government & Politics
10:31 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Corbett Says He's Not Convinced Racy E-mails Exist

With a judge considering whether to release allegedly inappropriate e-mails circulated by attorney general employees, Gov. Tom Corbett said he's still not positive the e-mails exist as they've been described.

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Government & Politics
8:03 am
Tue September 16, 2014

State To Borrow From Treasury To Pay Bills

For the second year in a row, the state will have to borrow money from its treasury to cover basic operating expenses.

The Corbett administration’s budget office has taken out a line of credit with the state’s Treasury Department, authorizing transfers of as much as $1.5 billion.

Gary Tuma, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Treasury, said the state hasn’t resorted to this kind of maneuver so early in the fiscal year before.

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Election 2014
7:54 am
Fri September 12, 2014

Poll Shows Wolf Having a 'Prohibitive' Lead Over Corbett

A recent poll of likely voters in Pennsylvania finds Gov. Tom Corbett trailing his Democratic challenger, Tom Wolf.
Credit Matt Rourke / The Associated Press

A Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters in Pennsylvania finds Gov. Tom Corbett is 24 points behind his Democratic challenger, Tom Wolf.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they would vote for the York County businessman, with 35 percent supporting Corbett. The figures include people leaning toward voting for either candidate.

Fifteen percent of respondents said they could change their minds.

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Health Care
7:52 am
Wed September 10, 2014

Would Full Medicaid Expansion In PA Cause Coverage Glitches?

The federally-approved waiver for Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania is set to begin covering hundreds of thousands of newly eligible Pennsylvanians in January. Depending on who’s governor-elect at that point, there may be some changes.

Democratic nominee Tom Wolf has said he would implement a full Medicaid expansion if elected governor in November.

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Election 2014
8:03 am
Tue September 9, 2014

Wolf Contends He Can Gain Support From GOP-Dominated Legislature

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf speaks at a campaign stop in Dauphin County Monday.
Credit Mary Wilson / 90.5 WESA

At a campaign stop in Dauphin County, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf said he’s not concerned about the prospect of working with a Republican-dominated Legislature.

“It’s leadership. It’s bringing people together,” he said. “It’s actually getting up out of your chair, getting out from behind your desk, walking down, bringing people together, giving people a compelling vision about what we need to do to make Pennsylvania better, and working with them to come up with solutions – not just sitting back at your desk.”

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Health Care
8:10 am
Wed September 3, 2014

PA’s Medicaid Enrollees Could See Benefit Cuts

Policy analysts are staying tuned for additional changes to Medicaid benefits for current enrollees in Pennsylvania.

Federal officials set aside Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposal to curb Medicaid benefits when they considered his overall plan to expand health care coverage for the working poor by using private insurance plans. But the changes still under negotiation could limit things like wheelchairs, homecare visits and physical therapy for Medicaid enrollees.

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Essential Pittsburgh
2:08 pm
Tue September 2, 2014

Countdown to the Gubernatorial Election

Credit 90.5 WESA

In two months Pennsylvanians will head to the polls. As the gubernatorial heads into its final phase, will Tom Corbett break the streak of PA governors serving a second term? And, what would a win by Democratic challenger Tom Wolf mean for the commonwealth? John Micek, opinion editor for the Penn Live website, talks about what we can expect in the upcoming campaign season.

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Government & Politics
6:37 pm
Sat August 30, 2014

Wolf to Lead Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade, Dems Call for Minimum Wage Increase

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Wolf's jeep will be included in this year's Pittsburgh Labor Day parade. The car has been featured in campaign ads from both Wolf and his opponent Gov. Tom Corbett.
Credit Screenshot from Tom Wolf for Governor video

Little more than a week after Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett was uninvited from this year’s Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County Labor Council has announced that his opponent Tom Wolf will lead the parade.

The council said Saturday that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Wolf’s Jeep, which has been featured in TV ads from both Wolf and Corbett, will also be included in the event.

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Health Care
4:13 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

Feds Approve Corbett’s Alternative to Medicaid Expansion

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett
Credit Matt Rourke / The Associated Press

The federal government has approved Gov. Tom Corbett’s alternative to Medicaid expansion, the culmination of a roughly year-long negotiation to use federal money to subsidize private insurance plans for low-income Pennsylvanians.

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8:02 am
Thu August 28, 2014

Teachers Union Says Less Money Equals Lower Test Scores

A report compiled by the state’s largest teachers union is linking education funding cuts to lower student achievement.
The Pennsylvania State Education Association says standardized test scores dropped in reading and math for third through sixth graders from the 2010-11 through 2012-13 school years, according to state data.
The examined period includes the year before Gov. Tom Corbett took office and the first two years of his term.

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Government & Politics
7:58 am
Thu August 28, 2014

Poll Shows Summer Stasis, With Wolf Still Ahead Of Corbett

The Pennsylvania gubernatorial race hasn’t tightened, despite a summer of campaigning and a steady stream of television ads for both candidates.
A new Franklin & Marshall College poll shows incumbent Republican Gov. Tom Corbett trailing his Democratic challenger Tom Wolf by 25 points.
Forty-nine percent of registered voters surveyed said they’d vote for the York County businessman, with 24 percent favoring Corbett. Responses among likely voters, said Poll Director Terry Madonna, showed no difference. Nor has the needle moved much since F&M’s June poll.

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Government & Politics
2:40 pm
Tue August 26, 2014

Lt. Gov. Cawley Lauds Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley stopped by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center in Oakland on Tuesday. Without getting into specifics, Cawley thanked employees for helping make Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania competitive in the technological arena.

"Technology and research play a significant, if not critical, role in creating opportunities and fostering that robust economy that we all want and need," he said.

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Government & Politics
9:38 pm
Mon August 25, 2014

Jobs Conference Focuses on Global Talent Recruitment, Innovation and Energy

The job market of the 21st Century is increasingly global and focused on innovation. That was one of the takeaways at the Governor’s Jobs 1st Summit in Pittsburgh Monday.

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Marcellus Shale
4:45 pm
Mon August 25, 2014

Gov. Corbett, Consol CEO Offer Praise at Airport Drilling Kickoff

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald speaks with reporters in front of a natural gas well pad near Pittsburgh International Airport Monday.
Credit Liz Reid / 90.5 WESA

“Energy independence.”

“Shale revolution.”

These were the buzzwords used Monday morning as officials gathered for a ceremony marking the start of natural gas drilling activity near Pittsburgh International Airport.

The mood was festive — complete with music, appetizers, goodie bags and air conditioned portable restrooms — as Gov. Tom Corbett and Consol Energy President and CEO Nick DeIuliis prepared to take the podium.

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Election 2014
4:14 pm
Wed August 20, 2014

McGinty Blasts Corbett on Education Spending, Tomalis Controversy

Katie McGinty spoke in the gallery at the Allegheny County Courthouse Wednesday morning. She's heading up Fresh Start PA, a group that's working in tandem with Tom Wolf's campaign for governor.
Credit Liz Reid / 90.5 WESA

The he said, she said debate over state education funding and the controversy surrounding former Pennsylvania Education Secretary Ron Tomalis made its way to Pittsburgh Wednesday morning.

Former gubernatorial hopeful Katie McGinty spoke in the Allegheny County Courthouse gallery, criticizing Gov. Tom Corbett and stumping for Democratic nominee Tom Wolf.

McGinty is chairwoman of the Campaign for a Fresh Start, a new organization working in tandem with Wolf’s campaign for governor and the campaigns of Democratic legislative nominees statewide.

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Economy & Business
3:05 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

State Gives $7 Million For Airport Development Project

Gov. Tom Corbett announced Thursday that the state is investing $7 million to turn a 195-acre brownfield site at Pittsburgh International Airport into an international trade hub.

The site, which is federally-designated for international trade, is expected to include 1 million square feet of office space, 90,000 square feet of research and development space and a 400-room hotel and convention center.

The “Pittsburgh International Airport World Trade Center” is expected to bring more than $200 million in private investment, as well as create 7,000 jobs—1,200 in construction.

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Government & Politics
2:26 pm
Tue August 12, 2014

Corbett Adviser Resigns Following Scrutiny of Schedule, Duties

An education adviser to the governor is stepping down from his post, weeks after a newspaper report found little evidence he was working.

Ron Tomalis’ resignation letter includes a list of his accomplishments as a special adviser on higher education. Those accomplishments were called into question by a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report last month that found little in schedule documents, phone logs or interviews to suggest Tomalis had been doing much in his job paying nearly $140,000 a year.

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Government & Politics
10:12 am
Thu August 7, 2014

No Sign Lawmakers Will Oblige Corbett's Request That They Return Early

Gov. Tom Corbett on Wednesday asked state lawmakers to end their vacation early to address legislation concerning a Philadelphia schools funding gap that threatens to delay the school year in the state's largest school district.

"I'm calling for the Legislature though to come to Harrisburg before school starts," Corbett said at a news conference with Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite at his side. "And I expect them to address this issue as their first and number one order of business."

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Government & Politics
10:20 am
Wed August 6, 2014

On the Road, Corbett Continues to Tout Plan for Public Pension Overhaul

Gov. Tom Corbett is entering the fourth week of a town-hopping expedition discussing his plan to overhaul the state’s public pensions.

At a July visit to a coffee shop near Hershey Park in Dauphin County, Corbett repeated his refrain that the state’s pension debacle is a bipartisan issue.

“I do not view this as a Republican-Democrat issue,” he said. “Taxpayers, homeowners, property-owners — we don’t look at the R and the D.”

But the events on the governor’s barnstorming route haven’t been bipartisan.

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Government & Politics
3:30 am
Mon August 4, 2014

Attack Ad Keeps Spotlight on Education Funding in Governor's Race

Education funding cuts are front and center once again in a tiff between Pennsylvania’s candidates for governor.

A recent television attack ad highlights the issue, which has dogged Republican incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett in the polls for years.

In the spot, a narrator says Corbett “cut nearly a billion dollars from education, forcing schools districts to fire 20,000 teachers and staff.”

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School Funding
5:01 pm
Fri August 1, 2014

Corbett Upset With House Delay in Vote To Fund Philadelphia Schools With Cigarette Tax

Pennsylvania House Republican leaders today called off a vote planned for next week that would authorize a cigarette tax to fund Philadelphia schools in the coming year.

The bill would impose a two-dollar-a-pack tax on cigarettes to help close a $93 million budget gap that could delay the start of Philadelphia’s school year, leading to larger class sizes and employee layoffs.

Gov. Tom Corbett disagreed with the House decision and plans to talk with GOP leaders about their next move.

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Environment & Energy
2:50 pm
Wed July 30, 2014

Coal Supporters Rally At Highmark Stadium

Coal supporters listen to a speech by Chris Hamilton, senior vice president of the West Virginia Coal Association.
Credit Michael Lynch / 90.5 WESA

Pennsylvania is the fourth-largest coal-producing state in the nation and Fred Hails, a fifth-generation coal miner from Washington County, wants to see it stay that way.

“You’re going to see rolling blackouts,” he said. “You’re going to have high electric bills, and I don’t see the sense in shipping our jobs overseas and buying back energy to support our country.”

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2:38 pm
Tue July 29, 2014

No Average Bus Shelter: New 'Super Stop' Opens in Robinson

The Super Stop features the familiar bus shelters and benches, but also picnic tables.
Deanna Garcia 90.5 WESA

Waiting for buses at stops can often mean standing in or near a bus shelter – typically it’s not a fancy or a very comfortable experience.

Enter the new Super Stop in the Ikea parking lot in Robinson.

The Airport Corridor Transportation Association (ACTA) held a grand opening for the stop Tuesday. It does have the bus shelters and benches, but outside of the shelters, there’s an area with tables and chairs, making it seem more like somebody’s patio than a bus stop. Though, as officials pointed out, the Super Stop is not meant just for bus commuters.

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Government & Politics
7:51 am
Tue July 29, 2014

'In Sync' with Wolf, Stack Absolves Himself of Opinions

For candidates vying to be the governor’s number two, denying one’s own policy platform is part of the process.

Mike Stack, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, said Monday he’ll march in lockstep with his de facto running mate, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful and York County businessman Tom Wolf.

There isn’t much daylight between the priorities of Mike Stack and Tom Wolf. Even so, Stack is distancing himself from prior votes and campaign stances during his four terms as a state senator representing Philadelphia.

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Government & Politics
3:09 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Corbett Has Spent $1.7 Million on TV Ads Since the Primary

Gov. Tom Corbett and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf.
Credit Pennsylvania National Guard, Tom Wolf via Flickr

Gov. Tom Corbett, trailing opponent Tom Wolf by 20 to 25 points in the polls, has poured $1.66 million into television ads blanketing the state in July, according to FCC reports.

That’s more than one-third of the $4.8 million in campaign funds Corbett had left over from the primary.

A Franklin & Marshall College poll of registered voters in late June showed Corbett, a Republican, trailing Democrat Wolf 47 percent to 25 percent.

Wolf has spent no money on ads this month.

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Government & Politics
10:02 am
Tue July 22, 2014

Corbett Shrugs Off Possibility Lawmakers Will Sue Over Blocked Earmarks

Gov. Tom Corbett is shrugging off the possibility state lawmakers will sue him for blocking their earmarks earlier this month.

Legislative leaders say the line-item veto of seven-point-two million dollars in projects was unconstitutional.

They could try to override the veto with a two-thirds vote, or sue the administration.

Corbett said he doesn’t think a court battle is likely, though he’s not troubled by the possibility.

"Let them sue me," he said. "Last time I looked, that’s in the constitution, isn’t it?"

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Government & Politics
3:30 am
Mon July 21, 2014

Corbett Not Letting Up On Public Pension Overhaul

Gov. Tom Corbett is not giving up the ghost of a public pension overhaul proposal — saying he may still call a special session of the state Legislature to address the issue.

The measure still does not have enough support in the House and Senate, Corbett said at a roundtable discussion in Hummelstown Friday.

The governor has been making daily statements about the plan, which would reduce retirement benefits of future public workers.

Supporters say the changes would reign in long-term costs of public pensions.

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