BikeFest Runs through August 19

Aug 6, 2012

BikeFest, the annual riding event, began on Sunday and pedals through August 19. More than 80 bicycling events take place in that time — everything from trail rides and kids' rides, to advanced races and moonlight meanderings.

Bruce Woods, head of the Major Taylor Cycling Club in Pittsburgh, said he understands if some cyclists are nervous in light of the recent biking deaths in the headlines. He recommended those that are worried about their safety stick to side streets and ride in groups.

Major Taylor's Cycling will host a couple of the events during BikeFest, including an 80 mile tri-state ride. There will also be a public art viewing trip headed by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, a family friendly Flock of Cycles group ride, and a "2 Wheels Lots of Green" ride organized by GTECH, which maps a route to formerly vacant lots that have been revitalized.

On the last day the "Thank You for Being a Friend: A Golden Girls Themed Scavenger Hunt" takes place, complete with Golden Girls television show trivia, and the show's theme song on karaoke for those who want to sing along. Scavenger hunt co-organizer David Gingrich said they want to tie the 50-100 clues to the show.

"In one of the Golden Girls episodes Rose writes a poem about Miami, so for instance, one of the things would be you have to write a poem about Pittsburgh, so it's not just about biking, it's about creativity too," Gingrich said.

BikeFest, the annual fundraiser for BikePGH, takes place across the Pittsburgh region. More information can be found at BikePGH's website. BikePGH provides underwriting for Essential Public Radio.