County Reassessments Website Offers Help for Confused Residents

Jan 23, 2012

The court-ordered property reassessment process has caused a lot of anger and confusion in Allegheny County recently. To try to address that, the county has added improvements to its website.

"It's a website that allows them to look at their property, see the characteristics of their property, a picture of their property, a sketch, and also comparable properties that were used to determine their reassessed value," said Kevin Evanto, a spokesman for Allegheny County.

Evanto said if there is an error on the property description there will now be an easy, electronic way to fix it, thereby avoiding the need for a review simply to change the number of rooms or other mistakes.

The website also lists deadlines for filing requests for review if a resident feels their reassessment isn't accurate. For those without internet access at their home, Evanto said they can always call the county or, "libraries are great places to go, senior centers, and we're actually working on some other places where the public will be able to go and get information and access information online. This is the first step of many we're going to be taking to help people through this confusing and stressful process."

Currently only values for the city of Pittsburgh and Mt. Oliver are available, but starting Friday more will be mailed out to suburban land owners, followed by even more in February and March. The county website has the scheduled date on when communities can expect to see their reassessed values.