Cross Country Skiing in the Region

Dec 12, 2013

Cross country skiing destinations can be found from Virginia to Quebec.
Credit E01 / flickr

While the song "Moonlight in Vermont" mentions ski trails down a mountainside, cross country skiing is an enjoyable and healthy way to enjoy the winter landscape.

Travel contributor Elaine Labalme suggests the best spots for cross country skiing around the region.

“If you can walk, if you can run, you can cross country ski,” she said. 

Moraine State Park: Six miles of groomed trails and a beautiful landscape keep this local park perfect year round.

Pennsylvania Wilds: At the top of the state, enjoy these accessible trails with varying levels of snow and grooming.

Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA: Enjoy this iconic mountainside resort and cross country ski on the old historical golf courses in the winter. Great place for a long weekend getaway.

Adirondacks skiing, upstate New York: These beautiful trails help train some of the country's best athletes but can also be a great place to enjoy a cross country skiing endeavor.

Gattineau Park in Quebec: Enjoy more than 120 miles of groomed trails available for skiing.