Newcomers Invited to City-Wide Dine Around

Oct 24, 2013

Vibrant Pittsburgh, Pop City Media and the World Affairs Council welcome all newcomers to the second annual Dine Around event.
Credit Deanna Garcia / 90.5 WESA

New to the ‘Burgh? Enjoy great food, socialize with other newcomers and form networks throughout Pittsburgh at one of the city-wide Dine Around events. Vibrant Pittsburgh, established to grow the diversity of the region, has been instrumental in organizing these dinners.

Vibrant Pittsburgh CEO Melanie Harrington and Community outreach and inclusion manager Adriana Dobrzycka use a three-pronged approach to bring in and keep diverse families, and say these dinners are an excellent step in helping these newcomers feel welcome.

Nevana Starsenic, owner & founder of Moderna Relocations, is no stranger to moving and reestablishing. She specializes in helping families settle into their new neighborhoods and get to know their communities. She held a Dine Around dinner at her home and says they are extremely important for newcomers because they can address key questions and concerns for new residents. 

Dobrzycka agrees, saying the dinners help families connect with physicians and schoolteachers as well as discover the best grocery stores and the best ways to get there.

“There’s a difference between being friendly and hospitable and being welcoming, making people feel included,”says Harrington.

Vibrant Pittsburgh also has a Guide for Diverse Newcomers to aid in the the transition to Pittsburgh.