Triple Bottom Line Explored in Pittsburgh

Dec 9, 2013

Some of the leading minds in sustainable business models will gather in Pittsburgh Tuesday for a rapid-fire event exploring what has become known as the triple bottom line.

“This is the essence of sustainability,” said Court Gould, Sustainable Pittsburgh executive director. 

The group is putting on the conference, Sustainability EXPOsed.

Gould describes the triple bottom line as the promise of doing well by doing right when a business is simultaneously attentive to impacts and opportunities related to the environment, the economy and social equity.

“Sustainability is found at the sweet spot when we serve those three interests all at the same time,” Gould said.

Paul Hawken will serve as the keynote speaker. The environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist and author is one of the most widely read leaders of the sustainable business movement.  President Bill Clinton is among Hawken’s loyal followers. 

Hawken will be followed by 10 other speakers who will keep their comments to just 10 minutes apiece.

“That provides a unique opportunity for speakers to condense their message and get it across in a pithy, eye-opening and to-the-point way,” Gould said.

After leaving the stage at the David Lawrence Convention Center, each of the speakers will head over to a designated circle of chairs to continue the discussion with any attendee who cares to join them.

Gould hopes the salon-style discussions will spark further conversation in the community.

“Come with an open mind, come prepared with questions and curiosity about where our region’s brightest future lies with a sober assessment of where we are today, what is working, what needs to be addressed,” Gould said.

The final session of the 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. event will be run by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.  The Allegheny Conference will illicit input from those gathered with the intent of using the ideas, assessments and suggestions generated by the event as it kicks off its next three-year agenda setting cycle.

Sustainable Pittsburgh expects to have about 550 attendees. Registration is required for the $55 event, which includes lunch.