Walls are Bad, Outside is Good

May 10, 2012

Friday marks the start of Sustainable Pittsburgh's 11th annual Great Outdoors Week, or as organizers like to call it, the "ten day weekend." The event running from May 11th to May 20th is a compilation of more than 60 outdoor recreational activities over a week and a half period.

Sustainable Pittsburgh Communications Manager Ginette Vinski said people of all ages and all skill levels can participate.

"It highlights all of the outdoor opportunities that folks can do and get involved with," Vinski said.

Vinski said there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in outdoor activities in the region, and Great Outdoors Week is a good way to learn about what the area has to offer.

"It seems that not enough people are aware of what there is," Vinski said. "If they do know about it, they're not really sure of where to start."

The very long weekend includes a variety of activities including biking, hiking, orienteering and more. It includes three signature events on May 11th, 18th, and 19th. Additional information and a list of events can be found on the Walls Are Bad website.