Charlie Dent

Law Insuring 1 Million Pennsylvanians Faces Uncertain Future

Dec 12, 2016
Gov. Tom Wolf / Flickr



About 1 million people in Pennsylvania are receiving government-subsidized health insurance under Democrats' 2010 health care law that is facing an uncertain future as Republican President-elect Donald Trump takes office next month with a pledge to repeal it.

Republican Congressman Charlie Dent is spreading his message of dismay about polarization in the nation’s capital.

In a speech before the Pennsylvania Press Club, Dent said “today, Washington is broken.”

As evidence, he points to the recent government shutdown, inaction to redistribute sequestration cuts, and the Senate Democrats’ move to eliminate the use of the filibuster.

But Dent says some of his Republican colleagues who have been slow to accept compromise in the past may be coming around to the idea.