Debt Collection

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With Tax Day just about four weeks away, Pennsylvania's Department of Revenue is urging residents to watch out for a new scam.

PA’s Got a Bad Debt Grade

Nov 1, 2013
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According to a new report by the National Consumer Law Center, Pennsylvania gets a failing grade when it comes to protecting low-income families from debt collectors.

This is due, in part to outdated laws that have not been changed since the 19th century says Robert Hobbs, Deputy Director of the National Consumer Law Center who worked on the report.

One lawmaker wants to allow the state Attorney General to add a surcharge to debts it collects on behalf of other state agencies.

Right now, the office of Pennsylvania’s top law enforcer goes after debts to state agencies, but isn’t compensated for its efforts.

Democratic state Sen. Tim Solobay of Allegheny County said it means taxpayers, not debtors, are funding debt collection.