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Here's one way to think about the business and economic news at the end of what feels like a very long week: It literally took something that's never happened before to knock the economy off front pages. But we're going to put it right back on today. We'll talk about those tariffs and the big jobs report from this morning. Plus, of course, we'll examine the news that President Donald Trump might meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and what sanctions have to do with it. Plus, more about "Black Panther" as Marvel's latest hit opens in China and merchandise is in short supply.

President Donald Trump signed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum this week, and we're talking about what they mean for the future of global trade. Plus, what happens when public pressure influences how private companies do business? Also in the show, a look at single-use plastic, the five things you need to know about daylight saving time and an explainer on how to be a European tour guide. 

One in 7 men say they've been sexually harassed at work

Mar 9, 2018

Eventually, it just became another part of his job.

If Paul Burns' boss told him he looked handsome that day, he knew how the day would end. If she told him to bring some papers to her house after work, he knew how the day would end. If she told him to pick up her dry cleaning, he knew how the day would end.

He was 18, going on 19, in an entry-level job at a mortgage company in Orange County, California. She was management. And that gave her power.

"I mean, I didn't want to lose my job," said Burns, now in his late thirties. "So I complied."

For the first time, North Korea has sent athletes to compete in the Winter Paralympics.  


The North’s team received a warm welcome as they entered Pyeongchang’s Olympic stadium on Friday. Thousands of LEDs placed throughout the stands glowed red, blue and white to form the shape of the country’s flag — a display that if for any other occasion, would be illegal in South Korea. 

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(Markets Edition) The U.S. economy added 313,000 jobs last month, and the markets seem to be pretty happy about this. Chris Low, chief economist at FTN Financial, explains why the markets aren't too worried about the possibility of interest rate hikes from the Fed. Afterwards, amid reports that Toys R Us is planning to shut down all of its U.S. stores, we'll look at how the toy retailer got to this point. Plus: What might North Korea ask for this time in its upcoming talks with the U.S.? 

Harassment can have lasting effects on women's career prospects — and on their earning potential.

Nilofer Merchant started her tech career in the early '80s when Silicon Valley was even more male-dominated than it is now. Sexual harassment, Merchant said, was a constant at the high-profile companies where she worked. So she changed jobs a lot.

“It meant I didn't get to build up the momentum that essentially a guy would be able to build up because they weren't facing the same obstacles,” she said.

Tariffs may impact U.S. employment figures

Mar 9, 2018

President Donald Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs will take effect in two weeks. But it will probably be months before there’s any evidence of how the tariffs will impact the job market.

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Hiring surge adds 313,000 jobs in February

Mar 9, 2018

This story was updated at 8:03 a.m. CT.

U.S. employers went on a hiring binge in February, adding 313,000 jobs, the most in any month since July 2016, and drawing hundreds of thousands of people into the job market.

The Labor Department said wage gains, meanwhile, fell from January to 2.6 percent year-over-year. Strong hourly wage growth had spooked markets last month because it raised the specter of inflation. But January's figure was revised one-tenth of a point lower to 2.8 percent.

(U.S. Edition) With President Trump's announcement that he'll meet with the leader of North Korea (a first for an American president), Asian markets rallied. We'll look at how a conflict on the Korean peninsula would affect East Asian economiesAfterwards, we'll discuss why Trump's steel tariffs might not be very effective, and then examine why workers are seeing bigger paychecks these days.

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … Markets in Asia are reacting positively to news President Trump will sit down with North Korea’s leader to talk denuclearization. We’ll bring you the very latest about what the warmer relationship could mean for global geopolitics. Then, China this morning described Trump’s aluminium tariffs as a serious attack on the world’s international trade system. We’ll explain how international players are reacting to America’s new policy.

It's raining viruses, but don't panic

Mar 9, 2018

Billions of viruses get swept up into the atmosphere by dust clouds and water droplets, travel for thousands of miles and then eventually settle back to Earth, according to new research.

This may sound a bit frightening, but almost all of these sky-borne viruses are harmless to humans, says Curtis Suttle, a virologist at the University of British Columbia who co-authored a study based on data collected in Spain. The viruses circulating high up in the atmosphere are infecting almost exclusively other microbes, primarily bacteria.

Low-wage workers seeing higher paychecks

Mar 9, 2018

The economy is strong, the labor market is tighter, and that’s giving all workers a bigger paycheck.

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This week BlackBerry sued Facebook saying that all its messaging products — Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram — violate patents that BlackBerry filed when it built BlackBerry Messenger over a decade ago. Facebook responded, saying it intends to fight the lawsuit. Molly Wood speaks with Ina Fried of Axios about whether BlackBerry is after something more than just a really big settlement check.

Wildfires raged across Northern California in October, burning through the state’s famed Napa and Sonoma wine regions. In all, more than 170 blazes ripped across an area the size of Maryland and Delaware combined. Scores awoke to flames at their doors, and 44 people were killed in the deadliest fire event in state history. On this episode of Reveal, we team up with KQED to examine what led to delays in evacuations and why so many fire victims received no warnings at all. As wildfires grow more intense, are first responders keeping up?

After sexual assault, this former aid worker found little help from UN

Mar 8, 2018

Editor's note: This piece's author, Amy Costello, is reporting on aid workers' experiences with sexual harassment and abuse. She would like to hear from you. Call us at 857-285-4157 and leave a confidential message. 

Shannon Mouillesseaux was violently assaulted a decade ago in Sri Lanka while working for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The attack itself was deeply traumatic. But Mouillesseaux says the way she was treated by UNHCR in the aftermath was even more damaging.

China has warned against the proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, but in fact, they'd barely put a dent in its economy. The country exports just 1 percent of its steel to the United States. Really, economists argue, the bigger trade fight with China has little to do with metal. This week, President Donald Trump tweeted that the U.S. is acting swiftly on the issue of intellectual property theft, something U.S. businesses working in China have complained about for years. And that's something that could lead to a nasty trade fight.

Health insurance giant Cigna announced its intent Thursday to buy Express Scripts, a company that negotiates prescription drug deals on behalf of insurers and large employers. This merger comes on the heels of the CVS-Aetna deal late last year, which is also, in part, a marriage between an insurer and a pharmacy benefit manager – or PBM.

Six months after Maria, Puerto Rico is burdened with challenges

Mar 8, 2018


As Puerto Rico approaches the six-month mark since Hurricane Maria devastated the island, many want to know why thousands of residents are still without power.


President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that a trade war might be something the U.S. could easily win. While he did not specifically name any country, it is believed  concern about China is driving many of the current trade investigations in Washington.

Reaction in China was subdued.

State-run CCTV did not cover Trump’s demand for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in its main evening newscast. Other Chinese media have not covered much on U.S.-China trade frictions either.

UN Women head: The time is now for gender equality

Mar 8, 2018

For more than four decades, the United Nations has marked March 8 as International Women’s Day. While it’s a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world, the day is also used to bring attention to the essential challenges affecting women everywhere — especially in poorer countries.

... At least not Canada, Mexico or China. The first two countries were exempted from the steel and aluminum tariffs President Donald Trump signed today. Meanwhile, for all Trump's talk about China's unfair practices and a "good" trade war, reaction from the world's second-largest economy has been subdued. That's where we're starting today's show, with updates from our trade reporter and China corespondent. Then, we'll look ahead to the bigger trade fight brewing: intellectual property theft.

Why Philip Glass was still driving a cab in his 30s

Mar 8, 2018

In 1976 Philip Glass was an unknown composer — almost pushing 40, and driving a taxi to make ends meet — when he got his break: a new work performed at New York’s echt-prestigious Metropolitan Opera. “Einstein on the Beach” was directed by Robert Wilson, a key figure in the avant-garde; it was 4 ½ hours long, had no plot anybody could follow and drove a lot of listeners crazy. But almost overnight, it turned Glass into a household name.

Aha Moment: ‘The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax'

Mar 8, 2018

Maureen Sestito listens to Studio 360 on WHYY from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Years ago, she was working as a nurse when a colleague suddenly died of a brain tumor. Like Sestito, she was in her early 30s, with kids. “I thought, that could be me. Have I really done what I wanted to do?” she remembers.

Sestito had always wanted to become a doctor, and felt she had missed her chance.

David Chase launched a golden age in television drama when he created “The Sopranos.” But Chase always wanted to make movies, and 40 years after entering show business, he finally directed a feature film.

For the past three weeks, Maram, a young Syrian mother, has been living in an underground shelter with her 3-year-old son, Ahmad, and his 8-month-old brother, Omar.

Like other underground shelters around their neighborhood in Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, this one is filled to capacity. They eat and sleep and wait out the days alongside 150 people as bombs fall overhead, reducing everything to rubble. They hardly see daylight and can’t get enough food. When they get a chance to peek outside, they can hardly recognize their own homes and streets.

For Hilton Als’ turn guest hosting Studio 360, his first-choice interviewee was one of the greatest novelists of our time, Toni Morrison. Her ten novels have won her the Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Trump grants tariff exemptions for Mexico and Canada

Mar 8, 2018

The White House will follow through on its plan to levy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, President Donald Trump said during a cabinet meeting today – but it will grant temporary exemptions for imports from Canada and Mexico.

The carveouts for Mexico and Canada will be dependent on progress in negotiations to update the North American Free Trade Agreement. 

“If we reach a [NAFTA] deal, it's most likely that we won't be charging those two countries the tariffs,” he said. The White House is expected to formally announce the measures later today.

(Markets Edition) Cigna is planning to buy the pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts in a $67 billion deal. We'll talk about the background of these two companies and why they want to merge. Afterwards, we'll chat with economist Diane Swonk about what we should watch out for in the February jobs report, which the Labor Department will release tomorrow. Finally, as part of the latest Marketplace-Edison Research Poll, we'll look at the state of the gig economy.

Fallout from Dodd-Frank rollback

Mar 8, 2018

Fair housing advocates are concerned about a pending vote in the Senate that would relax banking rules on reporting loan data.

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Want to divest from guns? You might need to team up with your co-workers

Mar 8, 2018

After 17 people were killed in a mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, on Valentine’s Day, students across the nation called on their lawmakers to pass gun-control laws and stop taking money from the National Rifle Association. As their campaign for change intensified, so did the focus on the different ways that regular people can exert pressure on gun manufacturers and retailers. Among them: gun stock divestment.