Highlighting the Year's Top WESA Feature Reports

Dec 20, 2013

Credit Deanna Garcia / 90.5 WESA

Looking back at some of Pittsburgh’s top news stories of 2013, 90.5 WESA Senior News Editor Mark Nootbaar focuses on features produced in the WESA newsroom.

Charlee Song explored what it takes to keep prisoners at Allegheny County Jail from returning, once they’re released.

Josh Raulerson took a look at transportation infrastructure, by focusing in on some of Pittsburgh’s bridges.

Larkin Paige Jacobs traveled to rural areas to find out what victims of domestic violence have to do to find support.

Erika Beras spoke with people living in violent neighborhoods who have never been in the military, yet they exhibit symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

Some of the most notable features Nootbaar highlights are from Deanna Garcia. She developed stories about life in Downtown Pittsburgh, for those who call it home. She spoke with a local woman who served as a code breaker during WWII and kept the experience secret for more than 40 years. And she recently introduced us to OUTrageous Bingo.

And an ongoing project for the WESA newsroom is the Life of Learning series, where reporters and producers have explored various ways to advance learning in the region. From summer vacation, to the impact of chronic absenteeism. Issues and  innovations in learning will be explored throughout 2014.